Torsten Narawitz and his team are there to answer any questions you may have about our products. We are happy to inform you about all our new innovations in person. Your arising ideas and wishes will be implemented to the best of our abilities.

We work...
with high performance
… and offer added value!
From production, to delivery, to the successful application of the products on site.

Torsten Narawitz
Torsten NarawitzHead of Sales
+49 2166 1268-161
Kirsten Welters
Kirsten WeltersSales/Internal sales
+49 2166 1268-164
Pierre Kordell
Pierre KordellSales/External sales
+49 2166 1268-165
Thomas Pangels
Thomas PangelsSales/Internal sales
+49 2166 1268-163
Daniel Hohn
Daniel HohnSales/External sales
+49 2166 1268-171