Application and Product Training

Our SORB®XT application and product training courses are designed in a practical manner for SORB®XT beginners, those changing careers as well as experts.
Let our qualified coaches introduce you to our SORB®XT products and their areas of application.

Get to know THE solution in the event of leaks: safe, efficient and fast = SORB®XT

SORB®XT is one of the most innovative companies in the field of highly efficient binders. Almost every month new products and innovations are published and the matching training is offered.

Our coaches are able to present our products one-on-one or even at a conference in front of hundreds of people. We are proud of our products and look forward to showing you our entire service portfolio.

  • SORB®XT product presentation
  • SORB®XT application areas
  • Technical advice
  • Application of the products with you in laboratory and / or field tests
  • Discussion panels and open Q&A session
We are happy to coordinate the content of our training as well as the framework with you and respond to your individual wishes and needs.